Holy Family Christmas Cards (Set of 15)

"Lord, may this work give glory to You."

This was artist Lucas Southerton's prayer during the five years it took for him to research, sketch, and paint the Holy Family. Great care was taken in the symbolic details to depict God's infinite and sacrificial love through Christ.

The features of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph resemble an authentic Middle Eastern family at that time in history. Use of Scripture in the painting was inspired by Islamic calligraphy, and the chosen verses tell not only of the Christmas story but of all salvation history.

The star on Mary’s shoulder symbolizes her guiding presence in leading all to the mercy of her son. Joseph wears a garment adorned with tassels commanded by Mosaic Law, representing his faithfulness as a Jewish man.

The Christ child’s face captures the duality of His nature--part all-powerful God and part vulnerable baby boy. Jesus extends to all the sign of peace, and in his hands are the elements of the Eucharist--his body and blood under the appearance of bread and wine. His sacred heart is pierced and burning with love for humankind and radiates red and blue rays of light, which signify the blood and water that flowed from his side on the cross, giving birth to the church.

Contemplative Rebellion has the exclusive honor of offering Southerton's art as a 5"x7" greeting card set of 15, complete with linen envelopes.

Peace be with you this Christmas Season!

To learn more about Lucas and this artwork, please see the video he just created on YouTube! 

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