Dorothy Day, The World Will Be Saved By Beauty. . .

This simple necklace honors Dorothy Day, a woman who was dedicated to fighting for social justice. Born in 1897, she was a woman not afraid to speak truth to power. Dorothy organized and attended protests demanding women's right to vote, peace, and class equality. Considered a radical in her day, she was arrested several times for peacefully protesting. She established Catholic Worker houses, whose doors open to thousands of the homeless every day--providing comfort, warmth, and food.
The artwork was created by artist Julie Lonneman to honor Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker movement. 100% of the profit from this necklace will go to purchasing supplies for the Catholic Worker Hagar House in Wheeling, WV. 
Sterling silver plated 22" or 30" snake chain with handmade cabochon and stainless steel quote charm.

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