The Hope of Saint Monica

Saint Monica: Patroness of Wives, Mothers, Victims of Domestic Violence, Alcoholics, and Patience.
Our newest design!
Monica was a model of hope. She was the mother of wild child Augustine (later to become Saint Augustine). Monica never stopped praying for her family: she knew that God would never abandon her. A bishop once told Monica, "The child of those tears will not perish." Meaning, Monica's tears were a sign of how much she loved her son, and it would be the perseverance of that love that would ultimately lead her son to a different life.
Monica was a Berber from Algeria, an example of the diversity of our Communion of Saints (one that is often white-washed in art and culture).
The design can be worn as a wrapped bracelet or necklace. It has small blue crystals symbolizing Monica's tears and 14 wooden beads to represent the Stations of the Cross. The most unique part of this bracelet is the replica French medal that we had custom made by an artist in Nashville, TN. Therefore we have a limited number available.
A portion of these proceeds will benefit Meals on Wheels of New Orleans.
 Gift-boxed with bilingual card included (see photos)

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