Our Philosophy

Contemplative Rebellion was created with one important goal in mind: make the world a little bit better than we found it. We aim to break down the barriers that separate faith, race, status, and income inequality.

Our intention is to make pieces of jewelry that not only look aesthetically pleasing but are each crafted with a particular meaning and message. Between 20 and 100 percent of the profit from each item will be donated to the connected organizations whose work has been a source of inspiration to us. We hope that we are able to help them continue their outstanding work.

Additionally, we pay local refugees who have settled in Charlotte, NC a living wage to make the handcrafted jewelry pieces. Many of them struggle with transportation, language barriers, and not being able to afford daycare for their little ones, leaving their options for employment very limited. Some of them make jewelry for us to subsidize the minimum wage job they already work.

Please take your time and enjoy the experience of discovering our site and hopefully finding some inspiration as well. 

Pause. Reflect. Be Contemplative. . . and Take Action.

--Joy and Denise

P.S. We'd love to stay in touch with you and we're always open to new ideas!
Email us at info@contemplativerebellion.com

Denise Travers and Joy Dale of Contemplative Rebellion