Jewelry Celebrating Faith, Inspiring Social Justice

Our Philosophy

Humanity is Good and Beautiful, Created in God's Image. We need to remind ourselves of this every day, sometimes every hour. Life can be hard, but we have the energy of the Universe lifting us up, pushing us forward. We can do this, and do it with grace.

We can show compassion. We can imagine ourselves in another's shoes, to see the other as Mystery instead of Problem. We can live the Golden Rule. We can fight the good fight. We can stand up for the rights of the oppressed. A small act of kindness is a brilliant ray of light shot across the bow of darkness. Do not underestimate your power, however it manifests in you: writing, marching, praying, speaking, conversing, painting, helping.

Pause. Reflect. Find a Place of Silence and Retreat. Be Contemplative.
Learn what the world's Wisdom Traditions have to teach us.

Then return to the world to Fight with Love and Joy.

Please enjoy discovering our beautiful jewelry. The charities we support have been carefully chosen to further our #1 goal: make the world a little bit better than we found it. Twenty percent of the profit from each item will be donated to the mentioned charity. Additionally, we will begin employing local refugees who will assemble the jewelry at home (some of the struggles they face are transportation, language barriers, and not being able to afford daycare for their little ones). Please take your time and enjoy the experience of discovering our new site!

--Joy and Denise

P.S. We'd love to stay in touch with you and we're always open to new ideas!
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Denise Travers and Joy Dale of Contemplative Rebellion