The Audacity of Resilience

From Joy:
Mattice Hoyt was one of the first smiling faces that embraced me when I entered high school. I recognized from the beginning, her strength and fortitude against any obstacle that she faced. She found a way to not only keep a smile on her face but to also make sure those around her were okay too. She has been the rock of our high school posse. She has kept us connected through the years and reminds us of the importance of friendship. In recent years, she was diagnosed with a rare form of Multiple Myeloma, a cancer attacking the white blood cells in bone marrow. More recently, she was hospitalized for a month while recovering from a severe battle with this disease.
This wrap bracelet was created with Mattice in mind. Her strength and resilience through all of this has been one to aspire to. She is the true essence of courage: showing us all that you can Live, Love, and Hope. All profits from the sale of this bracelet will go to Mattice and her husband Chris to help cover her medical expenses. 
Lavender crystals with copper and silver hematite cube beads, custom double-sided charms for "Live," "Love," and "Hope." Triple-wrap stretch bracelet.
 MS/A Friendly

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