Light of the World, Salt of the Earth

The fiery orange agate beads in this leather wrap bracelet bring to mind the verses in Matthew 5: 13-16. "You are the salt of the earth. . . You are the light of the world!"
We typically think of salt as flavoring our food, but in this verse Jesus is making a much more revolutionary statement. In the ancient world, salt was thrown into the earth-ovens (in homes and near roads) to make the fire burn bright and hot very quickly. We use lighter fluid the same way. Jesus is calling us to be the initiator, the leader, the spark that ignites a roaring fire of passion in our families and communities. Challenge yourself, challenge others. Be brave! Do what you know to be good and true. 

Orange lace agate beads, dark chocolate leather lines, gold-plated bead accents, and a zinc alloy antique gold Holy Spirit charm. Adjustable.
 Gift Boxed

Thank you to Saint Louis University, who posted a reference here.

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