Social Justice through Beauty

Nov 14 , 2018

"True Beauty is born through our actions and aspirations and in the kindness we offer others." - Alek Wek

After the election of 2016, Denise Travers struggled to find a way to see beauty in the world again. "I was heart stricken and nauseated by the members of faith that used their religion to validate their support of a man so unlike Christ," says Travers of her decision to establish her small business, Contemplative Rebellion. "I was angry I needed to channel that energy into something positive and beautiful."

Contemplative Rebellion was formed with the intention of showing that spirituality and just causes can and need to co-exist. There are no rules that hinder a person of faith for standing up for an injustice they see. Travers believes that faith should in fact be a propellant for people to bring justice in the world. In December of 2017, she approached a friend and coworker, Joy Dale, with her idea. She wanted to establish a jewelry company that honored all faiths and the wisdom they bring to the human experience. She also wanted to take a stand on political issues that intersected all faiths.

Putting their hearts and heads together, the women began creating pieces of jewelry that represented issues they saw society wrestling with. Every item tells a story: a love don passing from cancer, A Catholic worker house in Wheeling, WV, Mary as Mother and indigenous activist - each issue has a place under the CR umbrella. It was also very important to the women that each item sold allotted 20-100% of the profit to organizations that aligned with their mission. Today, they also employ local refugees and immigrants in the Charlotte, NC community who struggle with the cost of childcare and transportation. 

"In a time when we are all struggling to find a way to combat the current tense social climate, I think its important to find ways to support those organizations that are on the ground day in and day out fighting for the change we seek."

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