Nov 04 , 2022

Violet and Jordan have been making the Rosary of Modern Sorrows for close to four years now!

I met them through my work with refugee re-settlement in Charlotte. Jordan previously made rosaries in the refugee camp that he, Violet, and their children lived at for many years. I keep the materials needed for the rosary stocked at home, and then deliver the supplies to Violet and Jordan at their apartment, where they make the rosaries. I return to pick up the final product, and then fulfill the rosary orders at my home.

Both Violet and Jordan work full-time in hourly positions outside the home as well. Making the rosary is a key part of their income to support themselves and their four children (three boys plus the most beautiful baby girl)! 

Please keep Violet and Jordan in your thoughts and prayers, and even while you pray the Rosary. They are why we continue to do this work!

-Denise Travers

P.S.: This past year has been quite busy for me and my family. I also have a separate full-time career, and I know I haven't focused on Contemplative Rebellion as much as it deserves! Thank you for your patience and understanding as we brainstorm new ideas for keeping this little venture going.

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